Available Wednesday to Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-5pm and 7 days a week throughout August

Wraps - All £9

Pulled Pork, Memphis style, in a southern comfort and Lime glazed BBQ sauce served with salad and Peckish slaw

Pulled Brisket, Texan Style, in a smoked Chipotle and chilli jam infused BBQ sauce served with salad and Peckish slaw

Battered Chicken breast, with both a smoky BBQ sauce and wild Garlic Mayo served with salad and Peckish Slaw

Grilled Halloumi, with a wild Garlic mayo, Sautéed onions and sliced peppers served with Salad and Peckish Slaw (V)

Cajun Roasted Sweet Potatoes, with wild mushrooms and roasted med veg in a Cajun spiced Hilly billy BBQ sauce served with fresh salad. (VG) Peckish slaw optional

Breaded Fish Finger, with homemade tartare sauce and mixed leaves


Our burgers are homemade and handmade for full freshness and flavour and are served in a toasted brioche bun with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, red onions and pickles unless you'd prefer it another way

Smoked Pork and Lobster patty with a Pirinaise sauce - £12.00

Mint Thyme and Balsamic Lamb Patty with a fresh pomegranate ketchup - £12.00

The smoked Brisket Burger, 6oz burger topped with cheese and pulled brisket - £10.00

The pulled pork burger, 6oz burger topped with cheese and pulled pork - £10.00

Cajun Breast Chicken burger with a fresh chilli jam mayo - £10.00

The house burger - £8.00

The house Cheeseburger - £9.00

The house bacon Cheeseburger - £10.00

Vegan Asian vegetable burger - £8.50

Kids Beef burger / Cheeseburger - £4.50 / £5.00

Kids Cajun Chicken Burger -  £5.00

Extra 6oz patty to make any a double - £3.50

Specials of the week

Smoked Asian Pork Belly, sliced and pan seared served on a bed of Asian slaw with a Chinese spiced dressing and finished with a hoi sin glaze and sauce and a side of fries (GF) - £16.50

Pulled Grecian Lamb, marinated in herbs, garlic and olive oil served with a pot of mint sauce, griddled pita, Baritz potatoes and a side of salad - £15.00

½ Rack of giant ribs, slow cooked till tender and soaked in our house BBQ sauce served with fries and a side of Peckish slaw (GF) - £14.00

Traditional Beer battered fish, chips & mushy peas served with a pot of homemade tartare sauce - £11.00

Traditional Arabian cauliflower and aubergine shakshuka. Chargrilled aubergines, peppers and chickpeas in a tomato, cinnamon and cumin sauce topped with spiced and roasted cauliflower, served with fresh rice or your choice of potatoes (VG) - £10.00

Mixed bean and red lentil casserole. Tender lentils and fresh spinach with seasonal vegetables in a tomato and basil sauce served with rice and a side of salad (VG GF) - £10.00


Fries - £3.00

Cajun Fries - £3.50 

Sweet Potato Fries - £4.50

Baked Potatoes with butter or sour cream - £4.50

Side of Mozzarella sticks (5) - £5.00

Spiced seasoned chicken bites - £7.00 

Portion of 5 chicken strips and BBQ sauce - £7.00

Side of Peckish Slaw - £3.00

Side Salad - £3.00 

Side of smoked Chipotle and chilli jam - £1.00


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